Monday, November 28, 2016

When it was our one year anniversary I did some research for this blog to see what maybe other people learn after a year, I came across a post that I disagreed with almost 100% both views so let me post bit of it and give you my thoughts.

The Man’s Perspective First 

#1. Black and navy are never okay to wear together.

overall I don't care what my boyfriend wears. I might suggest to not tuck his pants into his boots when we go to a wedding but in all honesty if that's what he wants I let him. I like him for him not the clothes he wears and with that he gives me the same respect, he doesn't tell me not to cut my hair. I ask his opinion on outfits all the time and he will always tell me I look good, because he thinks I do no matter what! 

#2. Love is at its best when it’s truly a partnership and your goal is to support the other person’s success.

okay I will agree with you here buddy. We both do this for each other and I hope every relationship does this. 

#3. Even when she says farting is okay, it’s not okay. It’s never okay.

farting is a part of life and we both handle it like you should, which is funny he comes from the southern world where its a fart you ignore it, its part of life. My family cracks up at farts and find them hilarious. We find a good middle ground with this. We live together, we like to eat curry. It happens. I really hope for this couple they learn to to get over this one quickly. 

#4. A woman always wants to feel like she is being pursued and doesn’t want you to ever think the work is done.

Okay I will also give him this one, and my boyfriend does this but I would note it doesn't have to be big things. In our relationship we do things everyday for each other in little ways. 

#5. Never underestimate the power of worshipping with your significant other.

I know this one is important for religious couples. We agree 99% on religion I would say even though neither one of us really goes to church or practices a lot we have a lot of shared conversations and we respect each others viewpoints. 

The Woman’s Perspective

#1. Put down your cell phone.

I would agree, but my social media boyfriend loves his phone and I have learned to work around it. He puts it down when it's important but i don't need his undivided attention all the time so this is something I need to remember. 

#2. The worth of a man isn’t in the depth of his pockets, but the depth of his character.

I also agree on this one! Neither one us has much but we make it work (and dream someday that maybe we will have more) but we also love to pick up things on the side of the road, shop at goodwill and check out craigslist. It's fun. We also budget for fun things we really want to do but are also content eating a grilled cheese and watching bob's burgers at home. 

#3. If you let him fart once, you’ve opened Pandora’s Box.

see above 

#4. Power isn’t defined by dominance and control. It’s demonstrated in patience and grace.

How about no one has the power? 

#5. You will always have A LOT more to learn.

Okay we'll end it in a nice way but saying this is true. 

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