Friday, November 18, 2016

Busy time of year

Halloween came and went, it was amazing and fun and I love that I am dating a guy that made such a simple, and the events we did so much. After Halloween Waffle fri decided he was going to say your mom after everything I said. Thats fun. :)

Now we get ready for Holiday Travel. We are flying for the first time together to my mom's house for Thanksgiving, we had a great time last year but we drove which didn't give us much time with my family. My mom had some good money come in with work so she offered to buy our tickets so we get a nice 10 day vacation.

The bittersweet part for me is I am spending Thanksgiving with Waffle Fries Family. I am excited to go to a part of the country I have never been and to finally meet his family. She a part of this person I loves world but it is sad that I am not with my family. I had to spend a Christmas once alone for work and it was sad so at least this year I will be with people I love and who are welcoming me in like a member of their family, which I think both families look at us that way.

His sister even wants us to be a part of the Family Christmas card so we are taking a Holiday photo while at my mom's (We are putting the Christmas stuff up the day after Thanksgiving so I will get to be a part of it a little) It's going to be very Christmas and themed but then we decided maybe we will do our own and put our own spin on it and email it out to friends and family.

we are excited to eat, we love food and love sharing food together. Lately I am big on the Gingerbread cookies from Coffee Bean.

I have felt so thankful for this man the past two weeks. Fighting a cold he has taken care of me and been there and it's so wonderful. I love those little moments where I stop and realize with a smile I love my life and where it is and he makes it so much better!

We went and saw the movie sausage fest at the dollar theatre and Meatloaf was in it, Waffle Fri and I have a deep love for Meatloaf. Our friend says he'll dress like him and sing at our wedding for the first dance!! We love the idea!

Oh it's super exciting!! One of our roommates is moving out and our friend gets to move in which is great! It's nice living with people you get along with, but with this happening we also get the biggest room in the house which means more space, we are so excited! I also love that we get to create this room together fresh. We've agreed on paint colors (which happens to be my dream color) and rugs (which he is probably choosing the best one, strength over style lol) We get to have sides to our bed and our own closets! We also get the only room with air conditioning in it!

The state of our country is very sad. I've talked about moving out of the country during this election but I realized if all of us who wanted to did there would be no one great in this country left. I think now I'm going to fight. Fight against the hatred this man has for me (in more ways than one) fight for my friends, loved ones and neighbors. That night as we sat here in fear and sadness my boyfriend held my hand and I thought this is what matters: Love, togetherness, and finding the light in the darkness. Basically my friends for the next 4 years we are Disney Characters fighting a villain.

other then that we keep on livin and lovin, Fun fact we ate at this mexican in this show: 

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