Monday, October 24, 2016

I was reading something that  pointed out how whenever beauty vloggers on youtube do those, “my boyfriend does my makeup” challenges; the guy never seems to know what he’s doing, he doesn’t know what contouring is or highlighting and everyone thinks he’s just being a dude but really it shows that he obviously doesn’t watch his girlfriend’s videos that she’s clearly passionate about making, if he can’t understand something as simple as a primer and that really sucks
I also think about how wild it is that women get mocked and made fun of for pretending to be interested in sports and other things that are typically understood as male interests, and it seems like we’re the weird ones for doing that, but it’s crazy how there’s no pressure on men to be interested in, or at least understand anything considered feminine, like, wouldn’t you want to have knowledge about something your significant other is interested in?
I see memes where the guy is shopping for what to get his girlfriend and someone suggests a highlighter and dude goes out and gets sharpie highlighters! Then people think it’s hilarious, because he’s just a guy being a dude y'know but if a girl doesn’t know shit about basketball, or football, or video games, or cars, or comics or whatever else she’s an idiot.

It is a double standard and I doubt WF will ever do my makeup, not that I am that into it....But he listens to me talk about Disney and I listen to him talk about cars which would be the same thing and we are still learning from each other. He doesn't read my blog which is a huge part of (My disney one) but he supports it and supports me so part of me thinks okay you don't have to do anything but I think the real issue is that we shouldn't look down on anyone for trying in a relationship in any way. Will your boyfriend know all about makeup? probably not but give him some effort if he is trying, and if he isn't trying and it means something to you, talk to him about it! 

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