Thursday, September 8, 2016

With this blog I shared dating stories that bonded us all. Now I hope I can help disabled people with my relationship. Lately I have had some friends who are upset that I am no longer single to bond with them.

Not true! I've been there! Longer than some, shorter than some! That's just life and it seems really unfair that me being happy makes you unhappy. Isn't that why we're dating? Isn't that what we all hope for? Weren't we all dreaming of finding that guy? and now that I have found someone it upset you?

Dating is hard I get it, I had a friend say to me the other day she wishes she could skip over the awkwardness and hard work and be where I am. Only my relationship is still awkward and hard work, we're still dating, it's not just ooo I won now it's over. Even if we got married it's still going to be awkward and hard work!

Listen loves i get it, I get the I am single as fuck feelings, Trust me!! But don't rain on my parade because you aren't happy. Even if I did feel like that I never was unhappy for someone else who has found love.

I mean really what does that do any good for either of us, how would you be better off if I was single?

Please still share your dating stories with me, even if they are gross, annoying, and awful! Because I do still get it!

and keep searching.

Relationships are not a tv show.

I'm here with you each step of the way.

Just don't be a jerk about it

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