Friday, August 19, 2016

A year ago today

I wrote this in my blog:

 went on the perfect date. He had messaged me on Tinder and he was a wannabe filmmaker and drives for lyft to make his money and I thought I don't want to date someone in the biz and I sadly kinda blew him off. Although later when I went to Shakespeare in the park and thought an actor was hot I thought well I would date him and he started somewhere maybe I shouldn't judge.

Well he texted me the other day saying he wouldn't normally do that but he wanted to see if I might be interested and I thought what the heck.

We went out for pizza and wine. The conversation was great from the start and the undeniable chemistry was there.

Then we went out for Churro Ice Cream sandwiches, it was clear we had a lot in common and I liked him the more and more I got to know him, We didn't want it to end so we decided to go to the Griffith Observatory and well surprise they had a huge free concert going on there so the whole hill was packed so we parked off to the side and talked, and realized we didn't want it to end there and well......The date officially ended at 2pm the next day :) 

He also asked me if I wanted to go to this Shakespeare in the park in Beverly hills and I said yes. I packed food and blankets, he brought wine and his roommate and his friend and it was nice and great and I enjoyed the company all around.
Since we were in Beverly Hills someone suggested we get Sprinkles cupcakes and well we were sold on the idea so we head over to find it will take 30 minutes to re-stalk the vending machine and there was already a long line so  my date is from Glendale and we remember that there is one in Glendale and decided to go there even though he has to drop of someone in burbank and me in Los Angeles he was all for this adventure (just what I have been looking for)
It was just lovely.

I hope I get to explore this more.

explore more...I have! A lot can happen in a year.

thousands of cheesy moments and lots of laughter.  I can’t stop falling more and more in love with that goofball with each joke.

I've learned so much about History, cars, and the world, the countless time I watched his eyes light up whenever he talks about something he loves and I as a mere mortal cannot handle the pure love radiating from him, I also love that I have gotten to branch out, grow and learn. 

We've shared everything you possibly can this year.

We've given gifts, made things for each other, gone on many adventures, trips, and many many meals.

We like each others friends. We like each other enough that when I say something wrong, fart, or am just a big dork and vice versa we still love each other.

Sometimes I just look at him and think how lucky I am to have this dream boat and such a nice guy!

We've spent the year supporting each other in every way possible.

my boyfriend is such a dork and I can’t stop smiling. It has been a year of smiles. 

a year of hugs, kisses, and ass grabs. 

a year of ups and downs but always having each others backs.  A year of him keeping me warm when I am cold. 

and lots of soda refills. 

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