Monday, July 4, 2016

wise words

My grandmother once told me, “Relationships are work, honey, and they aren’t 50/50. Some days when I get up I only feel like giving 10%, then your granddaddy has to give 90% that day. But there is always 100% love.”
Leigh Ann Lunsford
I had a friend going through a divorce that said no relationship is 50/50 that one partner always gives more and I thought that doesn't seem like it should be the case (it was in his but he is you no divorced on a 2nd marriage) this seems like wiser words for me. 

I am a giver in life and in any relationship I have I always the person giving more but some days it is WF. I think we are also learning to give to each other more and what the other person needs so I will remember these words and grow and learn and sometimes listen to this song: 

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