Thursday, July 28, 2016

a very bad day and 3 little words.

I've had a bad day. I think its build up of the state of the world and such, but even as I was angrily doing the dishes I wasn't sure why and felt silly as I cried into the arms of Waffle Fri.

Just when I was feeling better after much need comfort from my guy we got a little more "Comfy" in the middle of it "I love you" was said. For the first time. I asked him about it after but he changed the subject and we got comfy again! Now I can't shut off my brain again. I turned to my closest girls and they all pretty much said talk to him....sound advice but until that happens I found some online advice and some pretty good thoughts are happening now.

For awhile now I have known I loved him but he hasn't had a relationship that lasted longer then a month and I don't know was waiting for the right moment which is only natural to think about Obviously, it's on the back of a Pegasus with a white chocolate saddle. Flying through a rainbow. Set to a Coldplay song. But I'm an understanding person--song rights are expensive.

Not going to lie I always thought it would be staring at some beautiful view on some adventure somewhere. 

Once it happened I felt like I was in a teen tv show and thought why does this happen to me!! apparently I am not alone! Ladies often feel that "It's just not fair." to happen at that moment. 

but you know what.... It could have been worse. 

What's messy and weird and imperfect? Humans. It makes like as beautiful, wonderful and the adventure that it is. 

Dude, say "I love you" whenever you want! Like I always say: There are no rules. 

and I love him too! 

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