Thursday, July 28, 2016

A Hairy situation

Shaving has always been a huge part of shaving, annoying as it is. I had a boyfriend who refused to touch me if I didn't save and after that I often told thats what was preferred from other men.

Now I'm dating Waffle Fri who doesn't care. He doesn't even notice that I shave my legs. When we started dating I was completely shaved and he told me I could grow it out in a place that hasn't seen hair on women since the 80s!

The other day I over heard my new roommate talking on the phone with a girl who said she can't date because she now as a standing shower and finds it hard to shave, and because guys don't like girls with her she can't date and then they decided to talk about the rules of shaving.

I called in Waffle Fry and I kissed him hard on the face. I feel very lucky.

I have even got asked:Do guys actually care about pubes cause I really don't want to shave mine but I'm so scared to let anyone see them. Idk I just have conflicting feelings about them.

or I know guys that get asked : How do you feel about pubes? Does it bother you? I always get scared that if i get intimate with someone they will see me and run

Which this is what I would say:  if any sexual partner has a problem with pubes they’re an immature waste of time.
Whether you shave, wax, trim or let it do its thing; it’s totally up to you. Be comfortable!

While Waffle fri doesn't care and its the most wonderful comfortable thing to happen to me since I started dating, I like shaving my legs (actually because I am disabled and find shaving hard I use hair remover lotion  but you know hair removal) and during swimsuit season I take the pubes off! He doesn't care either way and thats how it should be. 

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