Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Living together has been great so far and an easy transition. Except we live with a man child who throws fits about it here and there, Thankfully he is moving out in July but he is driving me crazy!

I will admit that I have let him get away with too much but I am 100% done with him.

although I am not actually good at it. We got into a fight about a coffee maker (apparently is someone gives you something and you don't like it you give it back??) I told him off because I was so mad at him already for trying to charge WF a ton of rent for being here, Um we are in the smallest room and not taking up that much space already.

He got made today because we are having a friend come stay for the weekend from Georgia and he doesn't think its okay that WF has guest.

I'm so done you guys.

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