Thursday, May 19, 2016

I've wanted to do the color run for a long time but put it off because I wanted someone to do it with me. My ex didn't like the idea that he couldn't run. 

This was supposed to be the year and it was very heart warming that WF (who is also a runner) was going to do it with me.

But then I found out I had to have surgery, I'm so bummed but thankfully there is a ton going on with my friends this weekend that I am not even going to think about it. WF and I started running (kinda together) he runs on a trail and I walk fast around the park. So I think its all working out and I will totally be ready to kick more ass next year and I am sure WF will be right there with me!!

Even though you don't have to be the best runner to do the color run which is why I had interest in it, it will be nice to try and maybe I can even work up to a Disneyland run (which you have to be fast for)

Its great to have someone who supports your dreams and goals and pushes you to be a better stronger you.

Next year!!

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