Tuesday, May 24, 2016

9 months and glad to not be out there.

OH back in the day I remember it being a thing of lets just grab a drink or coffee I don't want to commit to you yet (read back for hilarious stories)

WF and I do this thing (probably mostly me though its a hobby of mine) where we listen to other people next to us. Sometimes its hard not to.

We've seen a couple who didn't eat at the same time at a table (him first, then her)

a weirdly matched couple that stole our conversation about cats and we knew were they were headed after ;)

I am having Surgery next month to get a lump removed from my breast and so we have to go to the west side a lot and look for places we want to eat. WF found a bbq place he wanted to try (if anyone knows deep south bbq in L.A. please let me know) and we tried it. The place was too hipster for our taste

a guy at the table behind me had reserved a table for his 5 o clock date, she was late and he commented on it

WF: He reserved a table, trying to hard cool down buddy its a 5 o clock dinner. He commented on her being late, yep dates done.

The waitress tried to save her by mentioning how bad traffic is but she was pretty honest about why she chose to be late.

Then they poured over everything on the menu and she shot down all his ideas, poor guy.

I told WF I am glad I am not out in that world anymore. 

One day with you maybe

i want a house overflowing with plants. i want a big dog who thinks he’s small enough to fit in my lap. i want huge windows that flood the floorboards with light. a porch with a swing that we’re constantly sweeping ash off of. i want herbs growing all around. a bathtub big enough for the both of us

and more breakfast dates with you. 

I wish I could put this into words more but

you fall in love with the little things about someone, like the sound of their laughter and the way their smile forms.

Words won't do it justice 

Living together has been great so far and an easy transition. Except we live with a man child who throws fits about it here and there, Thankfully he is moving out in July but he is driving me crazy!

I will admit that I have let him get away with too much but I am 100% done with him.

although I am not actually good at it. We got into a fight about a coffee maker (apparently is someone gives you something and you don't like it you give it back??) I told him off because I was so mad at him already for trying to charge WF a ton of rent for being here, Um we are in the smallest room and not taking up that much space already.

He got made today because we are having a friend come stay for the weekend from Georgia and he doesn't think its okay that WF has guest.

I'm so done you guys.

Date someone who understands your mental illness and will power through your outbursts with you.
It’s what you deserve.
You deserve someone who cares enough to stay even when you’re not okay.

WF is very good at this. I know its not always easy for him but he has learned to be there and what to say and its great to find someone who does that, because thats not always been the case. 

Wise words

no other person on this planet was made for you, they were made for themselves. love is all about choices. no one is going to be perfect for you, and i think we need to stop raising everyone on the belief that someone out there, just one other person in the whole world, was “made for you” because it isn’t true. no one is made for you, besides you. other people belong to themselves. if you want to make it work with someone, it’s about hard work, understanding, compassion, communication, and choice

Thursday, May 19, 2016

I've wanted to do the color run for a long time but put it off because I wanted someone to do it with me. My ex didn't like the idea that he couldn't run. 

This was supposed to be the year and it was very heart warming that WF (who is also a runner) was going to do it with me.

But then I found out I had to have surgery, I'm so bummed but thankfully there is a ton going on with my friends this weekend that I am not even going to think about it. WF and I started running (kinda together) he runs on a trail and I walk fast around the park. So I think its all working out and I will totally be ready to kick more ass next year and I am sure WF will be right there with me!!

Even though you don't have to be the best runner to do the color run which is why I had interest in it, it will be nice to try and maybe I can even work up to a Disneyland run (which you have to be fast for)

Its great to have someone who supports your dreams and goals and pushes you to be a better stronger you.

Next year!!