Wednesday, April 20, 2016


A lot of disabled people talk about the other first in their relationships, the medical first. Two years ago they found a lump on my left breast and it turned out to be a cyst and nothing to worry about...after a couple surgeries. I was conveniently with my family for Christmas when this happened and prolonged my trip two months so they could help me.

Well it came back and so it was back to the ER for me, WF's Car was in the shop so that was no help and my nice roommate was house sitting and I was crying on the phone to my mom that I would rather die then have my other roommate take me so I called an old friend who lives down the street (also awkwardly I think is still in love with me and its like my relationship is this Elephant in the room that we don't talk about)

I wasn't even going to WF but seeing as he was having a horrible week but I was informed that he would be even more mad at me for not telling, so I did and he worried and felt horrible but I went home and waited for my Doctors appointment a few days later. He came over a couple of night before and cooked me dinner and hung out with me and made sure the transportation I take with my insurance came.

I get to the doctor and she said "oh we have to open that up right now" so I had surgery. Man it hurt and would have loved to have someone holding my hand but I have done this alone Medical thing for 12 years now so I am pretty good at it, then when I went to throw my cross body bag over me I realized I can't do that and had to try and carry it, it would of been nice for him to be there then.

I spent the rest of the days resting and WF checked on me a lot. My friend came to throw me a get well soon brunch (they are the best) and WF came to help out with that but I also asked if he could help me take a shower....I wasn't supposed to get the bandage wet and its hard when it on your chest. He was really good about it and even helped me bandage up really well and we had a great day with friends (and he kept checking I was okay) The next morning I was off to another appointment and he was bummed he couldn't go with me.

I have to have more test in a week to find out whats causing it but he'll be there that time because he is moving in.......

Yeah I know right? With his car being out and all this stuff he needs to save some moola and so he is moving in to help me out and save money and he is going to be looking for a place, although my nice roommate and I are in hopes he stays forever!

So he'll be going to all the other appointments and when I have whatever removed I am sure he will be there!!

I also changed him to my emergency contact so thats nice that it won't be one of my asshole roommates.

He's just really good at taking care of me in so many big and little ways.

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