Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Stolen Flowers. Stolen Hearts

We spent a weekend in Death Valley to go see the super bloom. It was wonderful and fun. We saw all the sites the car would allow and I convinced him to pick me two flowers, which is kinda stealing from a national park. I dried them right away and I put them in frame.

We stayed in a terrible casino in a town near by and ate lots of fast food. WF convinced me to gamble even though I was very cold and didn't want to leave my bed but it paid off because I won big at the slot machine (enough to pay for our all you can eat buffet) and we got free cocktails!! I like that we both inspire each other to do things we might not normally.

The next morning we went hiking and I got a lot of the typical disability comments

"You are amazing"

*you mean this view we are hiking up to isn't*

"You are my hero of the day"

Um yeah okay.

It was fun and I love out little weekend getaways. 

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