Tuesday, April 12, 2016


My prom in high school was not like she's all that.

I went my junior year. Since boys didn't want to date me because I was disabled I always asked guys, I asked my friend Adam and we were going to go together and then he ended up getting sick and having an 102 fever, I cried a lot. We later made up for it by going to homecoming the following year.

I went with a bunch of girls who later ditched me and that place was couple central, I think the only time a slow song wasn't going was the first 5 minutes and as a girl that loves to dance I boogied down but then after that it was slow slow slow.

So the following year I decided not to go unless I had a date and I didn't.

I've gone to a few prom parties but I realized one day that  I had never actually been asked to go to prom with someone. I mentioned that to Waffle Fri and he said:

"will you go to prom with me"

If there is ever a prom I surely will. Just the thought made my day.

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