Tuesday, April 12, 2016

“I’m very, very lucky. He looks after me as much as possible”

I can be myself with him which is very important. Thats a way that someone cars for you.

When I was sick and didn't want him to see me because I was gross he brought me things to make me feel better.

I can tell him anything without judgement

We cook together and he will even eat it if its terrible.

I went to see a Cerebral Palsy specialist for the first time in 10 years and I was nervous! Not only did he get up early to drive me there he went in with me. Gave me a pep talk "Don't be scared be Cerebral Ballsy" and just was amazing!

He has gotten up way early just for me countless times.

But I also just love that he's a good guy. He'll tell people to clean up at a restaurant who left trash on the table, give money to the homeless, give my roommate a ride, help me take out the trash.

He helps me relax when I am stressed or have anxiety.

He sports me while we go hiking and on road trips. He has my back and is very helpful.

He understand my fear of snakes even though he thinks I should get over them.

He helps me build things and fix things in the house and do things.

He makes me feel like I could do anything.

He gives me back rubs.

He makes me more brave.

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