Wednesday, April 6, 2016

I can never send him to the store for baking soda.

I was thinking of making brownies one day when I looked for my baking soda and didn't see it there. I had taken a bunch of stuff with me to the hotel during the month of plumbing problems and most of the kitchen stuff ended up at Waffle Fries place (thats his new name) so I asked if he had my baking soda. He said he would look and bring it.

In he walks with baking powder, and a debate of what is the difference between the two.

a couple weeks later we were shopping at the Trader Joe's and I noticed they had baking soda so I asked him to grab me some and once again he picks up the powder.

Needless to say I know what I am not sending him to the store for.

also what is it with guys not buying named brand products? I am a girl who was raised to know her brand loyalty and when I moved out for college my uncle told me to buy generic and it was a shock and living with two guys and now dating one who tells me to go to the cheap stuff, why? can someone tell me?

Hilariously the garbage bag broke and I said "told you we should of gone with Glad" 

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