Sunday, April 3, 2016

Don't ask anyone out on April fools day

This happened to me Senior year of high school. It was guy I had liked the year before but you know decided ho's before bros when my best friend also liked him. Plus I think I listened more to what everyone else said to me about him liking me and that was painful and hard.

Well let me take you back to a magical time where you talked to everyone on MSN and got all excited when someone you had a crush came on. Well this guy, lets call him Damn Shit guy (if I could only tell you his name this would be hilarious) Damn shit gets online and is all flirty and asking if I would come spend the weekend with him snowboarding. Fun fact I had a modified snowboard, not so fun fact this same guy stole it.

I wanted to but as higher beings had my back I was going to theatre convention (which I would later meet a new best friend and someone to take my mind off of things.)

Because on said trip a mutual friend of ours pointed out that Damn Shit had asked me out on April 1st. It was total joke and who knows what would of happened if I had shown up.

If only I drank back then but luckily for me at the time dancing the time warp with a bunch of theatre kids was the healing my heart needed at the time. 

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