Sunday, March 20, 2016


I suffer from Anxiety and the world doesn't always take kindly to those who do especially if they medicate for it, which I do.

Because of my Cerebral Palsy and the fact that I use all my upper body strength for you know...Life I developed arthritis in my chest...the first years of figuring that all out was awful, painful, scary. You feel like you are having a heart attack constantly. I was on pretty heavy pain killers to get through day to day things.

When I had my scary anxiety attack I went to the doctor and she put me on medication, I was unsure about this choice but thought I would give it a shot. I think honestly I suffered from Anxiety for years and didn't know what it was. Realizing these things was very life changing and honestly freeing.

We also found it helps me not suffer from the arthritis in my chest!!

One day I might choose not to take it and I understand why people choose not to but for me the gains outweigh what it would take away  (although I haven't found much is taken away)

You may have read before that it made it hard in relationships this subject, people thinking they knew best. Even just talking to people.

So let me just say:

being with someone who makes you feel calm and secure when you need it most instead of anxious and doubtful is very nice…

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