Sunday, February 7, 2016

Spread the love

When I was in High school a friend of mine and I made anti- Valentines day shirts. That same day my mom took me to lunch for the Holiday (My mom goes all out for Holidays) while I was being all anti valentines during lunch she told me "you don't need a love to celebrate this holiday just spread love" when I got back to school I had a hand drawn valentine from a good friend and it was life changing.

From then on I always spread the love to my friends, even when I have been with someone. I have had some good Valentines as a couple but I like to think we should all show we care all year round.

This year we haven't nailed down plans but we do want to do something special, even if he works that night. Which is kinda funny to me I suggested we see Hateful 8 and he said that wasn't very Valentines Day! LOL

I have a gift for him I put together and he said he has gift for me. Its not needed for us to do a big deal or a fancy dinner.

So for those of you single, bake something for friends, host a party, or give yourself some self love. Spread the love in anyway that you can! 

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