Monday, January 4, 2016

This list

Online dating is like a science for me. You want to know what I want in a guy? Okay well off the top of my head I don't know but once I get that figured out I would write it down and save it on my computer. Oh we're getting to know each other by asking questions...all 8 of you. I would save question list all the time.

I had all of that.
I just want a guy who wants to watch terrible television with me.

 To go try that new restaurant with. 

To wake me up early on weekends to go on a adventure.

 To teach me something every day.

I want a guy who inspires me to be the best me I can be.

 A guy that I feel lucky to have even when we’re fresh from a fight.

I want a someone who laughs at dumb jokes.

 Who gets heated debating a topic they are passionate about.

 Whom my parents ask about and they know little things because I talk about him all the time. 

Who is comfortable around my crazy family just as I am around his.

I want a guy who calls me out when I’m being moody and ridiculous most of the time but sometimes lets me get away with it if there’s a good reason.

 I want a guy who calls me just because he knows he’ll feel better after we talk.

 I want a guy who wants to share his stupid exhausting day with me while playing with my hair on the couch.

I want a guy who gets excited about going to Disneyland and runs around wearing mouse ears with me.

 Always lets me take selfies it’s just fun to have a record of our shenanigans.

I want a guy that makes this list was unnecessary because I knew from the beginning that I wanted him

and thats what it comes down to!! 

and thats really what happened, I am surprised and I love that! 

I also had a list of questions and some of I still ask like what should I do if you're sad but most I know because I spend time with him! 

I know them because we talk. Some of them can open up a conversation we didn't think of having but for the most part we don't have a hard time getting to know each other because we want to. We like to talk to each other, we like to spend time with each other. Its not a forced planned out I guess I will get to know you moments, its happening because I want to know it all. 

Its very comfortable, its very easy. 

So throw away the exceptions, the list, the maps and plans! and get to know this person. 

But maybe think of things you wouldn't think to ask and open that door and learn more about your partner. 

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