Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Things I love about dating you

  impromptu meals. 

I love cooking for him, with him, and to watch him cook for me. In the New Year we are going to  cook and  bake more

I am always finding  all the reasons to hold him close. 

rest my head on his shoulder


enjoy  moments as one does when in a state of pure bliss. 

When we watch movies together and then carefully watch your face whenever the movie got interesting, to try to read you at the peak of the moment.

 I would lose myself in watching people work, seeing you do your craft, whether it be drawing, writing, cooking, or anything. 

She would be brave for you when you needed it, and do her damn hardest to understand when things were wrong.

My  favorite  sound is that of a heartbeat, and focuses on that sound to fall asleep in your arms. 

I offer the last piece of whatever it is we are eating, to you, and smile as I watch you enjoy it.

 I love learning about your favorite  music, poetry and the arts that you love. 

I love that I be my self and enjoy each and every day as long as I have  great people on  my side. I have great friends already and people in my life and I love that you fit in so well with them. 

I love even though its not done often holding your hands. I rub them gently, as if constantly checking that you are there. 

I want to learn all the things I could about you, and take the time to remember all the easily forgotten or ignored things, like how you smell, or if you like to have fingers run through your hair. 

I  tell you all my secrets.

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