Friday, January 15, 2016

The little things that are big things

When we road tripped together we took a shower together which was really fun (I have a tiny shower it can't really be done) what was an interesting turn of events when my plumbing was being fixed i took a shower at his place but he was worried I would fall and couldn't do it so he helped me and that was a moment where I was like "Man I feel disabled" and he said why its not different.

The First time I took him to beach cleanup was a big deal. It was early for him to go (with him working late) and he had to drive a long way, and he was meeting some of my closest friends, well he passed the test and continues to every month. Now its something we both look forward to.

Just quiet moments together when I *sigh* and feel so very lucky

My life kinda got crazy with roommates, plumbing and all of that and he was  rock and really there for me. We had a house guest as well when all of that was going on and she had a crazy dog. One of the times that the plumber came by we were cleaning up after cooking and I asked if he would sit in my room with the dog while I deal with the plumbers. He said I am going to do the dishes I can handle the plumbers you go rest with the dog, the plumbers were there to fix my toilet but my water in my sink wasn't coming out very well and we had tried to fix it, he made sure to mention it to the plumbers something I wouldn't have done. My heart melted. Its the little things like when my mom goes in for surgery and I am stressing out he tells me they wouldn't do it if they didn't think it was safe and makes me guacamole.

Well...yeah.... *blushes*

Last night he said "why you so good to me" and I said "you are good to me" and he said "we're good for each other" I think thats how its supposed to be!

We had gone shopping together and I had meant to get lemon juice but we forgot. The next night we made Lobster Ravioli and decided to make a garlic cream sauce and said he would pick up some cream that I needed. Also in the bag was the lemon juice we forgot. These are the things that mean the most to me.

He loves cars and motorcycles. I realized the other day that I am learning the ones that he loves and doesn't love and knowing that you are learning and growing with someone just makes me smile.

Every laugh, conversation, or singing to a song on the radio.

When we enjoy the same books, movies and tv shows. I can't wait to see where else it takes us

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