Saturday, January 2, 2016

Sometimes as a Disabled person you feel annoying

Like at the Grocery store. Thankfully my roommates help me with this, or I discovered a company that delivers or the fellow is always willing to help. But even with all that (minus the delivery) I can feel like a pain, maybe its not even shopping its wherever I am.

does anyone else get really anxious when the cashier hands you change and you’re hurriedly putting it away in your wallet so that the next customer in line can proceed or is that just me? 

I know its not just me it can be all kinds of people. 

Would this mom of kids feel guilty for taking up space at the store like I do?

i don’t even put it anything back in my wallet, i just crumple everything and throw it in the bag before. Sometimes to make it worse my purse won't open up that well I get too nervous and can’t shove it back in the thing so I just flung it and it lands on the floor and then it just gets worse! 

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