Thursday, January 14, 2016


On our first date we talked about how we were both pro adoption and as long as there were kids who needed a home that seemed like a great idea.

I love this idea of course. I've learned though that I think there is a fear there of wanting to be around the baby babies.

He doesn't do diapers, who does really till you have to? and he is scared of a kid that will start crying, which I think he can get over.

Now I'm not saying here is a person saying they don't want kids and then saying they will change their minds. I'm smarter than that. My best friend doesn't want kids, actually neither of my best friends want kids.....they are both great with kids on a side note though. I have also watched relationships end because they just knew that she would change her mind and have a kid. I know thats not the case and that when it gets down to the nitty gritty I will have to have a talk to make sure we want the same things.

and a discussion of vaccinations.

I've watched this guy with my friends kids and he is great. I have watched him be and uncle and he is a great uncle.

He'll let slip things like "My kids" in conversation

My kids will be good drivers, My kids are going to go to preschool and be social, my kids are going to know about good music.

My kid will go to these school, and build cars, and I hope I have girls so I can teach them all kinds of things and treat them equal.

I think no one can really be prepared to be a parent it just happens, I don't know what the future holds for us or even myself but its interesting to think about.

He said at the airport lets adopt cute little Asian kids.

Maybe the future holds on this for us:

Who knows :) 

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