Monday, January 4, 2016

insecurities that weigh down the disabled.

that i’m not good enough. that i’ll never be good enough. that i’m not enough enough for someone, they can find someone who can do everything I can't so why waste their time on me. 

that having to prove myself to the world comes off as bragging or  snooty. Which I do because the world thinks that  i must think very little. 

that my kindness is perceived as weakness. 

That I am not very pretty…. 

Do you want the mother of your children to be me?
Don't you want someone better than me? 

a dancer? a runner? someone with better legs who likes coffee? 

Someone better in bed? 

i know in my heart that NONE of these things are true, but they are still my insecurities, i still carry their weight and face them, 

because other people place those attributes on me. 

they are my burden regardless of their falseness.  

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