Friday, January 15, 2016

I was asked

Can you describe your dream house, dream car, dream partner, and dream Christmas?

Dream house: something old and well-worn. A big yard fit for pups and kids. Hardwood floors and pretty white tile. Lots of big windows with bright light. Open concept. Room for books and plants and blankets. A fireplace. Built-in shelves. A breakfast nook. And a front porch.

Dream partner: Makes me laugh, makes everything an adventure,  Passionate, compassionate, patient, creative, clever, firm in what he believes but with a heart that is softened to wisdom and guidance. Must love dogs. Tattoos are a plus. But mostly I’m a sucker for a tender heart.

Dream car: I used to be really into cars but now I’m pretty content just to drive something that runs and has room for all the things I haul around.

Dream Christmas: I like to think about future Christmases if/when I have a family of my own. I imagine making lots of decorations with my kids and teaching them the beauty of a simple Christmas and listening to them sing songs while Christmas records spin. I like the idea of passing on old traditions and starting fresh ones. What it will be like to spend with my family at that time and the Christmas that will come when I don't spend with my family.  Also a cute husband that I can give nice gifts to.

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