Tuesday, January 5, 2016

City Love

I’m glad I fell truly in love with a city before a person, because now I know what I want out of love: to feel like I’m coming home to new adventures.

this makes a lot of sense to me because I have lived in L.A. for twelve years and much like a relationship we have had our ups and downs, but i'm in love with it and dedicated to making it work. 

Dating in L.A. is rough I have to say. Lucky for me I found a guy who also moved to L.A. from a place a lot like the place I grew (except more southern) and he also has learned to love the city (and hate the city) the same way that I do. 

Its fun to explore this city with him. Trying new foods and places. Saying lets check this out. 

The things I have done I get to experience again with someone else and share it with them. 

It also gets me out of my comfort zone to go do things I wouldn't normally do, like haunted queen mary on Halloween which was so fun! 

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