Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Things I wish for you in the New Year

Breakfast in bed. Even if you make yourself some toast and tea its really lovely.

May you have adventures with those you love, a partner, friends, even yourself. Some advice: Being disabled I was often scared to go do things alone, wasn't sure how people would take me. I have met the best people being alone because you are more willing to talk to people you wouldn't before.

Date lots and take chances! You never know what it will lead to. I almost missed my chance to meet this wonderful fellow but I thought what could it hurt and worst case I get pizza out of it, now I had some friends that said you should go on a date for a free a meal (well the free part isn't guaranteed read more of the blog to hear about that) but I am here to tell you some people aren't worth the meal but you won't really know that till you meet, so I guess my advice would be go out there and have fun and don't feel like you have to suffer through the meal if its not going well.

Hold on to you dreams and what you want, but be open to the fact that life is often better then you thought it would be and welcome that.

There are no rules. You can sleep with a guy on the first date and he may indeed call you back, you can netflix and chill if you want to and not be a slut. You don't have to label your relationship, or be at a certain place at a certain time. You could get married after a month if you want to. A new friend of mine would often tell me "You have to date him for 2 years because you don't know a person for two years" and while that might work for her it isn't how I am going to do things because there is no rules.

and i hope that whatever you do you don't give up on your quest of love, and if you guys are having a rough time this holiday season have some photos that can only make you happy!

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