Sunday, December 27, 2015

Things I want to remember this holiday season

It really started off with a road trip through Oregon and Washington to see my family which kicked off the Holiday season and my memories and the bond that was created in that time was wonderful. 

I'm a nerd for Holidays. I love them all! So it was great to spend a few weeks in California that supported and went along with it, we also did this at halloween, it was great.

Things I want to remember about this Christmas. My first Holiday in a relationship, and the tender care he shows for me. Him taking me on the last night to look at the most amazing decorated houseClassic Holiday moment in my book. Giving over my Striped heavy socks for him to wear to keep his feet warm because he loves them so much. Sleeping in the tiny bed at my moms house and laughing the night away and falling asleep on his chest each night. Having Christmas Jammies from my mom that we would of been super cute together in to wear on Christmas morning. Staring into his blue eyes and feeling so a peace. those lovely moments So slow and sweet. My Moms homemade Cookies she makes every single year. Finding new friends that share holiday recipes and a love for Mickey's Christmas Carol. The way my family welcomed us in on Thanksgiving served us, cared for us and spread their love on others. The way we always share the best food. and pile of mashed potatoes he made me because he knows the way to my heart is truly by a direct route of potatoes. 🌲

From hunting down free chestnuts, to watching fake snow at the local mall. We did our own Holiday dinner before flying off across the country to spend the holidays with our own families (crab cakes and mashed potatoes) We watched a ton of Holiday movies and would do themed meals with them :) He even embraced my families tradition of light looking but we added our own spin by going through a Star Bucks first.

It made this Christmas much more magical.

After the return from Thanksgiving I found out my whole house had been torn apart for plumbing problems. He helped me fight for myself and my landlord put me in a hotel, which of course wasn't the best for the Holiday season but he stepped up and was there helping me out and taking very good care of me.

To add to worse matters my hotel room flooded and I had to call him and have me help me at 8am. Which is very early for someone that works till 3am. It was stressful and I broke down crying.

He even offered to do my laundry for me!

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