Tuesday, December 29, 2015

I've learned this year

That Romance, Relationships, and all that jazz aren't like what you see in the movies, tv, what you build up, or even what fellow bloggers post (we all seem a bit perfect don't you think)

I think I spent a lot of time not really having the best realationships and I might even say that weren't "real" and when you spend a lot of time online dating  you will for sure get a lot of that!  I’m going to get hate for this, but I think I have learned stay away from dudes who promise you the world and tell you they want to marry you… Especially in an early relationship.  I have had guys promise me the world and nothing came out of it, I was always a little uneasy with it, but everyone wants that instant gratification when dating that it becomes the norm. You’re just going to hurt so much more when it doesn’t work out. You’re going to be mad that they made promises they couldn’t keep.

Please learn that those promises bear an enormous weight and you need to either 1) Grow up and make it happen or 2) Don’t say it at all. It isn’t necessary, especially within the first five months of a relationship!

I've had to learn that yeah okay its been 5 months and it may not be where everyone else wants it or sometimes I get scared and think that if he's not calling me his girlfriend then maybe something is wrong. 

I know people that  have been together for more than two years, they live together, have a dog together, and none of that was promised.

 It was something that kind of just fell into place.  I am learning to do that with this relationship . Sometimes it gets mentioned like if we lived in a house together or what it would be like for me to go back and meet his family but We don’t talk about having a future together or getting married and this is the best relationship I’ve had. Just go with the flow. You can’t promise a long life with each other when tomorrow isn’t promised. and this is sound advice I need to remember. I also can't see where it takes me and I am sure its going to be better then imagined and promised. 

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