Thursday, December 31, 2015

Happy New Year!!

Here are my New Years resolutions:
•Be kinder to my body 
-loving it in all of its stages 
-cooking food for it more often 
-meditation and yoga 
•blogging about my personal life 

I don’t broadcast every high & I don’t hide every low. I’m trying to live. I’m not trying to convince the world I have life.

*I think this is one issue with blogging is its all the goods  and none of the bad ,it makes you think unrealistic things, I recently had two blogger friends breakup and I was like why they are so perfect!! Only I don't know the whole story I know only the good stuff!* 

•try to check off more on my to do list! 
•stop beating myself up so often 
•drink more water 
•run a 5k
•be nicer and more understanding to other people 
-be kind when I want to be mean 
•be a better girlfriend 
•be a better daughter, granddaughter, and sister 

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

So true

Things I wish for you in the New Year

Breakfast in bed. Even if you make yourself some toast and tea its really lovely.

May you have adventures with those you love, a partner, friends, even yourself. Some advice: Being disabled I was often scared to go do things alone, wasn't sure how people would take me. I have met the best people being alone because you are more willing to talk to people you wouldn't before.

Date lots and take chances! You never know what it will lead to. I almost missed my chance to meet this wonderful fellow but I thought what could it hurt and worst case I get pizza out of it, now I had some friends that said you should go on a date for a free a meal (well the free part isn't guaranteed read more of the blog to hear about that) but I am here to tell you some people aren't worth the meal but you won't really know that till you meet, so I guess my advice would be go out there and have fun and don't feel like you have to suffer through the meal if its not going well.

Hold on to you dreams and what you want, but be open to the fact that life is often better then you thought it would be and welcome that.

There are no rules. You can sleep with a guy on the first date and he may indeed call you back, you can netflix and chill if you want to and not be a slut. You don't have to label your relationship, or be at a certain place at a certain time. You could get married after a month if you want to. A new friend of mine would often tell me "You have to date him for 2 years because you don't know a person for two years" and while that might work for her it isn't how I am going to do things because there is no rules.

and i hope that whatever you do you don't give up on your quest of love, and if you guys are having a rough time this holiday season have some photos that can only make you happy!

Highlights of 2015

Breakfast, I ate so much breakfast and I love breakfast! My partner in crime makes amazing breakfast. I feel like a very lucky girl in this sense. I also made some amazing breakfast for him and even homemade syrups.

So many laughs. Its the one important thing that is a must for me in a relationship and someone that makes me laugh all the time is such a wonderful thing in my life, also what I learned is important is to be able to laugh in the bedroom. My past relationships would aim for perfectness but I still smile at the thought of us attempting a move and me almost falling off the bed!

Adventure, we have a lot of adventure. Going to the Grocery store is an adventure for us and exploring the city together, but we did go on a road trip through the west. We made a stop in San Fransisco and explored red woods, ate yummy food, checked out a way cool old school arcade (took a photo bucket photo) and really want to go back!

All the bad dates I went on. Yes even them. Because it makes me feel lucky that I found a guy that I didn't even realize I was looking for and thats wonderful.

I am looking forward to what 2016 has in store for us, camping trips and such. Fun fact Disabled Peeps if you go to any National parks you can get a lifetime pass for free!!

Finding someone that lets me be me even if I am a dork that says things wrong, and wants to eat pizza more then salad. Its good knowing someone doesn't want to change you.

Someone who will take me hiking even if I am slow and it takes me forever

Even cozy nights in watching a movie has been great! We also go to the movies and I am now going to see movies I wouldn't think of seeing.

To be with someone that has given me more then I can ever say.

Someone that gives me the best hugs possible and makes me feel safe.

When we flew home for the Holidays to our separate places we chose to fly at the same time to go together, Well once we got there we thought we had to go separate places. He was willing to go through gate check twice for me! TWICE people!! Thankfully while off finding us an amazing breakfast and grabbing me a bottle of water I noticed there was a shuttle he could take. But my heart was full of kindness.

He loves old cars and teaches me about that, I think thats the nice thing about a relationship is you can grow and learn from each other, not change but grow in that sense. 

We went on trips to art museums and got to know our city more! We went to an art show in Beverly hills and ate from food trucks! 

I have had moments of worry that my disability effects things "Like does he wish he could walk with me and hold my hand" but its okay and we hold hands when we can and I think moments of him wrapping his arm around me randomly are much more romantic! 

There are moments that I get scared of getting hurt or messing up but I am trying to take it one day at a time and usually its nothing to worry about. 

I had had to learn that sometimes people are cranky, or mad, and its not something I should take personal. Its an emotion and its okay and all you can do is be there for them. 

One happy memory is we swapped shirts, he wears my old middle school drama shirt and I wear his shirts to bed. Its a completely comfortable relationship. 

I learned how to make coffee in a french press, sweet tea from the southern boy, and learn how to cook more fun things. 

That is all about the little moments strung together 

I live with two guys and one of them who is a big annoying to begin with has an issue with the boy being over but seeing as he helps us out and takes out the trash all the time it all works out in my head. My other roommate has welcomed him in with open arms though and thats exciting, We have even planned to have a poker night! 

To be with someone that makes every little thing you do an adventure, fun, and just is a all around good person. Thats been the best part of the year! 

We spend a lot of time together which one might think is crazy but I actually enjoy spending time with him! This Holiday break has been the longest time we've been apart and I can't wait for the 10 more days I will see him! 

We met each others friends and everyone has liked him. We went to parties together. Events with friends. Some might say that your friends liking your partner isn't important but I have to say it really helps and I think they know you well enough and its a great feeling, my best friend said after meeting him I like him a lot but bottom line you are happy and I can see it and thats more then I can say from the past guys. 

Heres to 2016 and whatever the future holds! 

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

I've learned this year

That Romance, Relationships, and all that jazz aren't like what you see in the movies, tv, what you build up, or even what fellow bloggers post (we all seem a bit perfect don't you think)

I think I spent a lot of time not really having the best realationships and I might even say that weren't "real" and when you spend a lot of time online dating  you will for sure get a lot of that!  I’m going to get hate for this, but I think I have learned stay away from dudes who promise you the world and tell you they want to marry you… Especially in an early relationship.  I have had guys promise me the world and nothing came out of it, I was always a little uneasy with it, but everyone wants that instant gratification when dating that it becomes the norm. You’re just going to hurt so much more when it doesn’t work out. You’re going to be mad that they made promises they couldn’t keep.

Please learn that those promises bear an enormous weight and you need to either 1) Grow up and make it happen or 2) Don’t say it at all. It isn’t necessary, especially within the first five months of a relationship!

I've had to learn that yeah okay its been 5 months and it may not be where everyone else wants it or sometimes I get scared and think that if he's not calling me his girlfriend then maybe something is wrong. 

I know people that  have been together for more than two years, they live together, have a dog together, and none of that was promised.

 It was something that kind of just fell into place.  I am learning to do that with this relationship . Sometimes it gets mentioned like if we lived in a house together or what it would be like for me to go back and meet his family but We don’t talk about having a future together or getting married and this is the best relationship I’ve had. Just go with the flow. You can’t promise a long life with each other when tomorrow isn’t promised. and this is sound advice I need to remember. I also can't see where it takes me and I am sure its going to be better then imagined and promised. 

Sunday, December 27, 2015

Things I want to remember this holiday season

It really started off with a road trip through Oregon and Washington to see my family which kicked off the Holiday season and my memories and the bond that was created in that time was wonderful. 

I'm a nerd for Holidays. I love them all! So it was great to spend a few weeks in California that supported and went along with it, we also did this at halloween, it was great.

Things I want to remember about this Christmas. My first Holiday in a relationship, and the tender care he shows for me. Him taking me on the last night to look at the most amazing decorated houseClassic Holiday moment in my book. Giving over my Striped heavy socks for him to wear to keep his feet warm because he loves them so much. Sleeping in the tiny bed at my moms house and laughing the night away and falling asleep on his chest each night. Having Christmas Jammies from my mom that we would of been super cute together in to wear on Christmas morning. Staring into his blue eyes and feeling so a peace. those lovely moments So slow and sweet. My Moms homemade Cookies she makes every single year. Finding new friends that share holiday recipes and a love for Mickey's Christmas Carol. The way my family welcomed us in on Thanksgiving served us, cared for us and spread their love on others. The way we always share the best food. and pile of mashed potatoes he made me because he knows the way to my heart is truly by a direct route of potatoes. 🌲

From hunting down free chestnuts, to watching fake snow at the local mall. We did our own Holiday dinner before flying off across the country to spend the holidays with our own families (crab cakes and mashed potatoes) We watched a ton of Holiday movies and would do themed meals with them :) He even embraced my families tradition of light looking but we added our own spin by going through a Star Bucks first.

It made this Christmas much more magical.

After the return from Thanksgiving I found out my whole house had been torn apart for plumbing problems. He helped me fight for myself and my landlord put me in a hotel, which of course wasn't the best for the Holiday season but he stepped up and was there helping me out and taking very good care of me.

To add to worse matters my hotel room flooded and I had to call him and have me help me at 8am. Which is very early for someone that works till 3am. It was stressful and I broke down crying.

He even offered to do my laundry for me!