Saturday, September 26, 2015

Solid advice

To me, that’s the end all, be all. Would I want the qualities this man has for the closest women in my life? If my best friend were telling me about the things he does, what would I think?

my grandma asked me "does this guy treat you right, thats all I care about" I said yes and thought but what kind of question is that most the times we don't see when someone doesn't treat us right so even to grandma's question I would say yes. 

I guess when you start seeing a guy ask yourself if your best friend was dating a guy who did the things he did would he approve. 

One of the things I view as a good sign with my current guy is I often find myself going "My bestie would love you, she would approve" 

So I guess you can ask yourself these bestie questions. 

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