Saturday, September 26, 2015

Renting from the Rents

I have lived out on my own since I was 18, while it has been a huge struggle with roommates and the crazy world of L.A. (and that 6 months of couch surfing) I feel lucky that I can because I have disabled friends who are capable of moving out but their family won't let them.

One friends parents actually said if she ever gets married the guy has to move in with them!


its also become a trend that younger people get married and then live with their parents.

I understand that maybe some Benefits of this maybe if they have kids or if one has no job. Sometimes its hard to move out due to debt or criminal/rental histories. Some ppl choose to live with parents to take care of them. 

But I think its important to try and gain some independence from that and focus just on your marriage for a year. I lived with married couples and it was always a terrible idea, I ended up pissing off the wife and getting kicked out. 

No doubt it’s hard to move out, it’s hard to get established, I get it. If they are happy then that’s great. guess what I question now is, Why put time and more importantly money into a wedding when you aren’t even ready to live on your own yet? My disabled friend is going to go from her parents taking care of her to maybe a husband when she is capable of doing so her self. Not wishing them ill will, I just don’t get it, that’s all. 

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