Monday, September 21, 2015

Lesson Learned

I have this terrible habit (its a defense really) when dealing with a guy that I want to say it, I want to know its coming, I don't want to get my hopes up....because I know its going to happen.


"Your just here to hit and quit it"

Once I came out of this guy I was seeing shower and asked where to put the towel I had just used. He replied with that my DNA was already all over him so he could use the towel again.

and I said

"well you know for the next girl you have over she'll want a clean towel"

Your right he said and took the towel and put it in his dirty laundry.

Really I am only hurting myself by saying these things.

Now I find myself dating someone who does it as well, honestly we are doing this to each other.

It hit me last night when he asked me if I was sending something to another guy that my first thought wasn't to go "No baby there is no other guys its just you" (probably what I was stupidly hoping for all those other times) My thought in reading that was oh he is telling me to see other guys....

Now to be honest my Bestie had already told me that is what happen when I am saying these things is that it comes across as "I'm not serious about you" but walls are hard to break down my friends.

So I've learned my lesson and even if I am not the only girl in a guys life I am sure as hell going to thing and act like one because our thoughts are very powerful things.

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