Saturday, August 22, 2015

Wanting to marry a runner or someone who loves the outdoors, *especially if you’re a runner*, is anything but shallow! I was just talking to a friend about this last Tuesday after something we do called the Lantern Run. Every Tuesday we meet at 6 in the evening and run anywhere from 5-8k, ending at The Lantern for brews! I need someone who has the dedication to do the footwork and the bodywork because of the mental and physical play it takes. Mental capacity to override yourself and keep your body moving even when you’re barely out of breath and think that stopping would be easier. The reality is, people who move their body on a daily basis and spend time outside want to do something: better themselves, push themselves, or run away from or onto** something.  Moving to take care of your body and brain, to explore your abilities or your world, to chase down a change; that’s healthy and it is so fucking sexy.

I think about this a lot. I dated a guy who had started to become a runner. He ran on the beach and I offered to sit on the beach and read or do yoga while he ran but he never agreed to this, then we broke up and he said he wanted a runner and someone who drinks coffee *eye roll* 

So does that mean an athletic guy is never going to be into me because I work out in my own way. Or one day at work this very good looking man covered in tattoos came up to my desk and I thought well guys like that only really date girls also covered in tattoos. 

So I don't know what guy I fit with......

With this pattern one could say a disabled person but well I don't have the best record in being attracted to those dudes so.....

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