Wednesday, August 12, 2015


I read an article the other day about  millennials not wanting children and the valid reasons they give. Needless to say I am surrounded by guys who feel the same way.

While those are valid points and you know "good for you but not for me"

I need to find the guy that wrote this:

It’s no secret I think kids are awesome. I’d love to have some one day, preferably with you. (I’m adorable, but they should get to have your eyes and smile and kindness) I know it won’t always be perfect and we’re all likely to be huge pains in the ass for everyone else at one time or another, but damn it, I think it’s worth it. 

Picture this: We’re all in the kitchen - you, me, the kids. I just got them all little aprons with their names embroidered in them. Don’t ask why, it happened. The plan was to make a fancy breakfast together because family is coming over next weekend for a holiday and we should have a practice run. You’re the only one who hasn’t lost it because I’ve somehow gotten into a flour battle with the monsters and I’ve got the littlest one wrapped in my arms, sitting on the floor, trying to block more flour attacks from the older ones. 

I hope you had sense to go grab the camera, because it’s definitely a memory I want framed. 

Needless to say, fancy breakfast didn’t happen…but I don’t even care.

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