Monday, August 17, 2015

Have some more advice

1. Do what this guy did!!

So my dating life has been kinda slow, people travel a lot during this time of year, and enjoy the freedom of summer I guess, it will start to pick up as they start dreaming of couples costumes ideas and not wanting to spend the Holidays alone :)

So here are some fun things to remember and think about while you to wait for your dream catch.

2. Shaving is optional.
3. Actions always speak louder than words.
4. Sex should be fun. If you’re not laughing, you’re doing it with the wrong person.
5. Life isn’t a movie.
6. Only wear what you feel comfortable in and not what’s in style at the time.
7. It’s much better to have a small group of good friends than a big group of fake ones.
8. Go skinny dipping.
9. Write things down. Your story is an important one.
10. Wear sunscreen.
11. If it was meant to work, it would have. Don’t force something that’s dead to keep growing.
12. Take care of your feet.
13. Like what you like.
14. Listen to your grandparents’ stories from the 50s. Watch their eyes light up as they take a trip down memory lane.
15. A good pair of jeans never fails.
16. Men mature slower than women. Just keep that in mind.
17. Everybody has cellulite.
18. Don’t allow yourself to be used as a rebound. If he didn’t care about you then, what makes you think he’s cares now? Stay wise.
19. Always carry tampons. You never know.
20. If words fail, make a playlist.
21. Stop reserving places in your life for people who don’t want to be there.
22. Study. You won’t regret it.
23. You won’t enjoy that salad as much as you’ll enjoy the pizza so don’t kid yourself.
24. Watch the news. Know the world you live in.
25. Apologize when you should.
26. Wear dresses that are tight enough to show you’re a woman but loose enough to show you’re a lady.
27. Don't listen to dating rules too much. 
28. Sing loud and proud.
29. First dates are exciting. Enjoy them.
30. Dream.
31. If you want a bikini body, put a bikini on your body. There.
32. Don’t be afraid of change.
33. A good laugh and a long sleep can cure pretty much anything.
34. If you know in your heart that something is worth fighting for, then fight. And don’t give up until you win.
35. Make a scrapbook.
36. If you’re not losing friends, you’re not growing up.
37. Listen.
38. If you fail, try again.
39. A leather jacket will always help you to feel more badass.
40. Never hide your true feelings.
41. Be blind to gender, race, sexuality, religion, disability and difference.
42. Walk along the beach at midnight.
43. The only way to get answers is to ask questions.
44. Drive carefully when it snows.
45. Put your phone away at a concert and enjoy it. Nobody on Twitter cares that you’re there.
46. Beauty is a state of mind, not state of body.
47. Try your best not to hate the girl who flirts with the guy you like. Don’t allow somebody else’s feelings to turn yours bitter.
48. Buy bras that actually fit.
49. Collect something.
50. Really think before sending intimate photos to someone. Or at least just hide your face.
51. Dance.
52. A great red lipstick will always be a worthy investment.
53. If he tries something on the first date, know that he only asked you out for one reason. Don't be shocked if its a one time thing or just about Sex. 
54. Be kind to your skin.
55. Nobody is perfect, so stop trying to be.
56. Spend time with your siblings. They’re going to be your friends for life.
57. Be the friend you wish you had.
58. A good cry is good therapy.
59. Stop hitting the snooze button. Seize the day.
60. Don’t try to change somebody who doesn’t want to change. You’re only wasting your own time.
61. Watch ‘Titanic’.
62. Spend time with the family at Christmas.
63. Enjoy young love while you can. There will never come another time when you will be more honest and vulnerable and thrilled at everything that’s new.
64. Don’t cry over a haircut. It will grow.
65. Keep other people’s secrets.
66. No one has it all, so learn to make the best of what you do have while you have it. And take good care of it.
67. Write.
68. Try not to bite your nails.
69. Stop comparing yourself to other people. Just stop it.
70. Leave a summer fling in the summer.
71. It’s okay to not know what the hell you’re doing with your life yet.
72. Text your mom at least twice on a night out to reassure her that you’re fine. She’s a mom. She worries.
73. Yoga is good for the soul.
74. Take pride in your achievements.
75. The end of a relationship doesn’t always have to be someone’s fault or a rejection. Sometimes it’s just the end of something that wasn’t right for you.
76. Smart is sexy.
77. A jealous friend is more dangerous than a blatant enemy.
78. Realize that “texting someone” isn’t enough. It’s fun at first but you deserve to have it go somewhere. So if all of your conversations are said with your thumbs, delete his number.
79. That spot on your forehead really doesn’t matter.
80. Not every debate needs your input. Sometimes you have to just take a deep breath and walk away.
81. Pour your own drinks.
82. Who cares if you get the answer wrong?
83. Forget what you want and remember what you deserve.
84. If someone isn't writing back its because they no longer want to talk to you
85. Sometimes people just suck.
86. Don’t be afraid of removing toxic people from your life. It’s not worth having people around you who do nothing but bring you down.
87. Eat what you want.
88. Try not to be late.
89. Write up a good resume. Spend time checking for grammar and spelling mistakes. Toot your own horn. Make the effort to get somewhere.
90. Trust your instincts.
91. If somebody can’t do something, they will try and tell you that you can’t either. Don’t you dare listen. Prove them wrong.
92. Drink tea.
93. Put yourself first
94. First impressions are important but not always accurate.
95. See other people’s points of view, too.
96. Life is unpredictable. Seek change and understand that things may not always work out the way you anticipated. Roll with it.
97. Failure is success when you learn from it.
98. Breathe.
99. You are more than enough.
100. The fresh start you’re waiting for can arrive at any minute.
101. This is only the beginning.

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