Monday, August 3, 2015

Great Wine Bad Breath

Remember the guy I really like his profile but he took forever to reply? Well we went on a  date last night. We went to a wine bar by my house which was really nice. It might be my new date spot, anyways on to the date.

He wasn't anything like what our chats would apply but that wasn't a bad thing he just wasn't fully the picture in my head. The conversation was nice and we joked and laughed, made plans to go to this board game bar.

He did have bad breathe (which is  huge date killer for me) but he confessed he had in and out on the way over and yeah the onions are pretty breathe killers as well I knew from a few days before. So I will give him another chance with that one.

He is headed to Washington and Oregon for two weeks so we talked about that, and we hate cheese and drank wine and just talked  (all topics you aren't suppose to talk about on a date) but it was nice.

We also ate this pasta that is served in a giant thing of cheese!!! It was amazing!

It was a nice first date and I think I need to see more to know if this will lead to anything, we texted today so that is a good sign.

In other news dates are so awkward. Is he going to pay? should I reach for my wallet? should I offer oh but he just put his card down and is still talking while I reach for my purse what to do what to do what to do....okay you can pay.....

Then after that moment is passed there is the walk to the door. Is he going to kiss me? Is he going to kiss me with that bad breath? What do you say post date? Thank you? talk to you later? See you soon?

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