Sunday, August 23, 2015

a lot of people feel this way

Often times I am told this buy someone I know

I hate dating. I hate the way people date now. I just want to be with the person I’m going to be with. I just want to know who I’m going to marry and start working towards building that life together. People nowadays date recklessly. We treat each other like we are trying on shoes: no matter how well something fits we still want to see how we look in something else. I want no part of that.

Now I agree with that end part I think that is part of the struggle but when we're told don't settle and search for the one and we're expected to have some big sign as to know when we've found them of course thats how these things tend to happen. 

I think maybe what it comes down to is there needs to be a middle ground between these things. 

While sometimes yes I think this a lot at this moment right now

I went on a date with a guy I didn't think it would go anywhere and I was just going to go and have pizza and was surprised and I continue to be surprised.

We have a lot of fun together and its exciting to meet someone new and get to know them and almost think "wow this is what I was looking for"

To like someone

To see where it might take you

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