Tuesday, July 14, 2015

So much

Okay then.

Okcupid is pretty quite these days. Tinder is weird because I never know if guys read what I wrote saying I am disabled and I literally had to dig out pictures of me with canes all over (I surprisingly don't have a lot. People are dense though and I see a lot of awkward conversations in my future.

and yes I have had two booty calls already thank you tinder but no thanks

Just FYI

I don't even talk to guys who don't have a shirt on.  I mean come on

These should be at every party, club, and social event from now on.

I’ve been in a “we almost dated, but nah” relationship so many damn times. Dating has become such an abstract concept to me. There’s like 10 different levels of dating before you’re actually dating. It’s so confusing I need to nap

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