Thursday, July 9, 2015

Parents just don't understand.

First of all I love my mom and we're really close and have a great relationship which is probably why when she got on the phone with me telling me I shouldn't be waiting for my dream job for 6 months and get a real job and I am too picky when it comes to dating it kinda hurts a little.

I try and explain to her so I'm supposed to go out with these guys:

Lets check out some of my current choices shall we:

1. Chiseled Ab Guy: This is the guy who takes a shirtless bathroom selfie and posts it as his main (or only) profile pic. On other dating sites, this guy is known as, “guy who sucks and just wants to sext.” 
2. Mr. Married:I'm polyamorous and married, so you've got to be ok with that. I absolutely love my wife and am incredibly happy in my marriage. I don't believe in hierarchical relationships, so I don't classify lovers as primary, secondary, tertiary, etc. I believe that there is room for more than one great love in each of our lives and I don't set limits on any relationship, but I don't believe that new relationships should displace present relationships either. I'm not looking for a secret lover, and ideally if we were to become a thing, you'd not just meet my wife but become good friends with her.
3. Anonymous Dude: This is the guy that refuses to put up a profile picture and, apparently, may not even send you a picture before you meet.

I’m getting a headache from all the eye rolling, guys. On any dating website, I would never engage with someone that doesn’t have some sort of profile pic up. If you aren’t ready to put up SOME kind of picture, even one that does not include your face, you aren’t ready to be online dating. It’s weird. The end.

6. The (Much) Older Man: This is who I attract a lot of . This is how they justify going for it: 

7. Business Beau: “The majority of men I have come across fall into this category. Busy professionals who don’t want a relationship, but also aren’t in search of a fling. 

I would say that my mom and I should freaky friday but my bestie has a point in saying I would just end up with a crapy job and even worse boyfriend. 

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