Friday, July 31, 2015

I don't like waiting.

Remember how I was excited about that message and then he didn't answer but I had seen he was online, well he answered yesterday morning.

Taking Water Guns on Pirates is a amazing idea you guys.

but I haven't heard from him since but a guys I talked to two days ago about books we are reading just answered me at 2am.

Is this just the gotta keep it cool attitude that I really have no time for?

It could also be that they are talking to multiple people (as am I) and they think they are leaning towards one and something happens, does this make me a back up plan, no it just how it works. Who knows these guys who I might have interest in now might love listening to Taylor Swift or feel like telling me wearing a flannel isn't sexy, its a process of elimination (weirdly) and if I am the one they come back to well.....

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