Wednesday, July 22, 2015

I came across this post

I' m disabled. That means i’m broken, doomed, unwanted. I’m afraid no one will ever love me. At least no one who’s worth the chase. I feel like a pariah, and for that, if someone ever looks at me it will only be someone like me. A broken person. As I am broken, I deserve nothing but broken people. I’m lucky if one of them even considers loving me. For that, I must accept all kind of mistreats, because they’re making me the favor of tolerating my tragic flaws and because I have to retain them as I’m not worth anyone staying. Let’s face it, I won’t find someone better, that’s why I accept bullshit from guys. That’s why I stay in destructive relationships. And for that same reason, I push away those who mean good. I don’t deserve them. They’re complete and i’m not, how could they love me?
This sick thought is present in my mind all the time. There’s no way I can make it shut. So, I learned not to listen.
I’m not a tragedy, i’m not broken and i don’t need to be fixed. I’m a complete human being with much to offer, and with that I don’t just talk about inner beauty. I’m beautiful on the outside too. I have much more things to be proud of physically than I have defects. 
I deserve a great partner, one who loves me entirely. I know I can do better and I know I will. And so do you.
Stop conforming with less than you deserve. Anybody who’s treating you like shit is not making you any favour with staying. That kind of love that lasts for life, you will find it if you keep your heart open to others. You’ll get hurt, sure, but pain hasn’t stopped you before ;)
Beautiful souls, this is a very wasted line but I mean it when I tell you: LOVE YOURSELVES. You’re worth it, you deserve it.

This is thoughts that seem to creep up on us all in the disabled community when it comes to dating. When I was in Kansas City doing and internship I met a couple he was in a wheelchair and her his assistant, they annoyed me for many reasons one being they called each other the gimp club and said I could join and be a gimp too.  

anyways I would see them on campus when I took art classes and there was one day where it was just me and her and she said she cheats on him all the time, because what is he going to do come look for her. 

Side note: People always talk to me about other disabled people and I am always like do you know who you are talking to. 

So I told him and he basically said. Look at me I am never going to do better. 

So I am here to tell you never ever think like that!!! You are worth so much more and will have so much love!! 

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