Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Has technology made dating easier?

I used to think "Online dating no way I want to meet someone the old fashioned way" well unless you are new here I guess I have changed my tune.

an Elite Daily article titled “10 Things Our Generation Will Sadly Never Understand About Dating” and *spoiler alert* the 10th thing Millenials sadly don’t understand about dating is…. if they are better off today with all this technology to help them out.

1. How anyone got dates pre-Tinder

I can count the number of dates I went on before online dating on one hands Seriously. So thank you technology, for without you, I would never have been able to go on enough dates to sustain this blog.
+1 technology

2. How people coped with face-to-face rejection

No one handles rejection well whether is happens face-to-face or online. I’ve had some rather harrowing experiences after rejecting someone online or via text where they’ve come back with completely ridiculous, venomous replies. (I’m sorry but, I’m not a bitchy slut if I decide I no longer want to go out with you prior to ever meeting you IRL. Not even close.) The perceived anonymity of online communication makes some people think they can say some really mean shit. So how did people cope with face-to-face rejection back in the day? With grace.
+1 for offline dating

3. How people vetted prospective dates without stalking them on social media

I used to be a big Googler before going on a date - but then I realized that kinda takes the fun out of everything. It also dangerously sets yourself up for disappointment and misunderstanding right off the bat. How did people vet prospective dates without stalking their Facebook pages? They didn’t. And that was a good thing. Let there be some mystery, I say!
+1  for offline dating

4. How anyone found a soulmate before eHarmony

This is just stupid.
No points awarded for anything. Everyone go home and think about what you’ve done.

5. How people got each other’s numbers at a bar

I tried this with a guy in person recently and it went NOWHERE first of all I was thinking "how old is this dude" and second he just assumed he would see me around again (sorry pal I only have to see m OBGYN every 2 years now...Hopefully) 
+1 for offline dating and +1 for technology

6. How people met up without cell phones

I've dated a guy without a cell phone (its weird) but All it took was a little planning, some faith they we would both show up, and some good old fashioned punctuality. The flakey shit that is all the rage these days would not fly without cell phones. Neither would a last minute text-message bail out. Back in the day when people made plans for a date, they showed up. And life was good.
+1 for offline dating

7. How people got to know each other without texting

They (gasp!) talked to each other! Some may have even written letters to each other! How romantic. I really love letters. ANYWAY - the courting process was just longer without texting. Now, as someone who is not 100% comfortable on the phone, I really love texting. I like that I can send some Babe a text in the middle of the day just to let him know I am thinking about him or to ask a question that I don’t need an immediate response to. It makes me feel closer to people when I can be in continual contact with them. I am a fan of the texting.
+1 for technology

8. How you knew someone liked you

It’s in his kiss, duh. Oh - I’m sorry, you don’t know that song? Well, take a moment right now and listen: “Its in his kiss by Betty Everett” 
When someone likes you, they kiss you like they mean it and can light you up like a firecracker. Seriously. No Facebook poke or Instagram like can be nearly as convincing as one hot as hell kiss. Still not sure? How about you suck it up and ask them? Good old face-to-face communication is a real gem and helps cut through the shit. Unless you’re dating a sociopath, in which case, you got bigger fish to fry.
+1 for offline dating

9. How anyone survived an Long Distance Relationship

I sadly seem to be a pro at these kinds of relationships. I don't know what that says about me.... That being said, I feel like texting, Skype, Facebook etc. really does make this a bit more manageable. It’s tough to be separated from your person for any length of time! Being able to reach out via other methods than a phone call can make it a little easier, I think. And Facetime and Skype. What a glorious thing!
+1 for technology

10. If we are really that much better off…

So here we are again - are we really that much better off with technology in terms of forging strong, healthy interpersonal relationships? The final tally:
Technology: 4
Offline dating: 5
Seems like “old school” offline dating provides the space to create more honest, meaningful connections. But technology, when used properly and responsibly, really speeds up that process and makes it easier and more efficient. 
I’m going to go ahead and say that it is possible that technology has made dating easier…
HOWEVER that doesn’t mean it’s made dating better.
What do you think?

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