Saturday, July 18, 2015

Basically how I define Love

I have been talking to this guy I don't have much in common with, when I mentioned last night I wanted to make vegetarian tacos he asked what was in them and he said he had never had Guacamole.

How is the possible, he actually hasn't had a lot of foods. We don't have munch in common like what would we even do on a date, I would have to make sure the place we go to has chicken fingers....Do I even know off the top of my head a place that serves chicken fingers.....thats not a chain or fast food......

It reminded me of another quote of how I define my perfect relationship.

True love is when you’re standing in line for Chipotle, and you say, “I shouldn’t get guacamole,” and the great love of your life says, “You know what, just get the guac.” And then you go home, and you watch TV together while eating burritos. That’s true love.

Its the little things in life 

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