Tuesday, June 16, 2015

You might see your ex

This is about as uncomfortable as things can get. You've just  ended a relationship only to have your first match be the person you  just split up with. It makes sense actually. You’re most likely a similar age and have similar interests. Whatever algorithm the site is using is clearly working. 

My ex I used to say to him he raised the bar for Okcupid and I couldn't go back on there after him so I didn't I went to plenty of fish, except I guess so did he. The real heartbreaking part of this for me was that he had told me he wasn't ready for a relationship and everyone from my best friend to a sex therapist (Long story but basically I took a rode trip with an asshole to Bakersfield and he got all into my head so I sought out help) said that it sounded like he really wasn't ready for a relationship. 

Why was he on here looking for a relationship if he wasn't ready to be in one?? 

I deleted PoF although in fairness I didn't like it as much and people were more mean on there. I think Okcupid gets a bad rap my friends who do online dating are like scared to sign up on there....I don't know why that is? 

anyways so there I was back on Okcupid when who does it keep trying to match me up with my ex!! 

I didn't really care to be honest he apparently did because he looked at my profile once and then blocked me. 

I looked at his profile once (invisible) and saw that he now insisted a girl ride bikes with him and love coffee. Now the bike thing I can do FYI he just was freaked out when he wanted to rent bikes in Long Beach that I was going to ask if they had petal straps. 

Its not that I can't do something you asshole I just need a little help 

also I will drink tea and you drink your coffee. 

anyways, it happens, It sucks and then you move on and date other people and wonder what you thought was so great about him in the first place. 

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