Thursday, June 4, 2015

Well I went back online

I cut my hair and its like I decided with that I was going to "cut that Magician right out of hair" Have I mentioned I am musical nerd? anyways ironically he texted me at 2:46 am this morning, clearly drunk and thankfully I had early morning plans with my hair dresser/dear friend of 11 years so.....

Who mind you has a crazy busy life and is dating a famous rockstar and could still squeeze in time to see me and it might not of been drinks or dinner but we plan to do that soon and even she was like "yeah something weird...."


First message I get is a guy who lays out exactly the girl he wants and isn't going to be happy until he finds her on his profile and not much else.

He also lives in Vegas so this is probably not going to happen but I am still revamping the profile and I threw up not the best photo of my new hair cut (gonna wait for a good one, but you know what if you are with me sometimes bad photos happen)

Also you know what I had about some guys like this one who are super desperate to find the one? they ask the dumbest question I know of.

But don't you get lonely?

Sure but that doesn't mean I jump into something with the first guy I meet.

well my friends as always I will keep you update :)

on a side note when I lost my aunt a few years back and my uncle was tossing all of her things out like they belonged to someone who didn't matter I used to take them....I have a lot that means a great deal to me and one of them was a Mary Poppins mug that was from Disneyland that matched a Peter Pan one my bestie bought me on a Disneyland trip I was too sick to go on. Its very special to me and I used to just have it sit on my nightstand only nothing is really earthquake proof and I realized that you can't hold onto everything forever and it could still break no matter how safe I kept it so I might as well just enjoy every moment of drinking tea out of it I can. That goes for relationships with people too I think.

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