Sunday, June 21, 2015

Well at least thats how you be a man.....

Movie dates are a terrible first date idea: First the point of the date is to talk and get to know each other, can't do that during the movie.

If  you were keeping up with my blog you know I had a date to see inside out today which I was pretty excited about  then as I was getting ready I realized this guy could ruin this movie for me.....I think my love for Amy Poehler and Disney Animation is much stronger then a classic bad date story. It took me forever to be able to see Wreck it Ralph so I am just glad it wasn't ruined. 

Its super hot here and for me walking is like jogging and so of course I am dripping in sweat buy the time I get to the coffee shop which I love by the way that I decided to go a ahead and order an iced tea, when my date got there he didn't like that I guess so I let him buy the movie Tickets and Soda and Popcorn. I also lost points for not hiding snacks in my purse.....well if I knew you maybe.

The conversation just wasn't good and it was awkward and we headed over to the movie to find a huge line to get in. We couldn't find a seat because it was packed, they had to bring in extra seats. I stood in a corner while he ran around trying to find us seats. He found two but then come to find out one was for a dad that went to get snacks and was mad at us......Sorry dude.

So we finally found some together, the short by the way super cute and romantic and that is kinda awkward on a first date.

Inside out is beautiful and there was a haunted mansion thing and I looked over at my company who could of cared less at my ecstatic face and I missed my brother who would totally get it  and wished he was watching it with me (or at least someone who gets what a huge dork I am) and my date didn't like the movie at all and showed no emotion (also ate most of the popcorn) so I was incredibly thankful to laugh with a room full of people and then during a scene where I started to tear up I looked around me and I was surrounded by people who were was such a beautiful moment. Also thinking I should Disney Bound as Joy. The rest of the date was Eh....Also he wanted to impress me with his knowledge of the comic book Fables except I already read them and shot him down.....BOOM! 

Ironically when I got home I got asked on the same exact date from Star Wars guy but I wonder if his idea of coffee and movie is coffee and all 6 Star War movies back to back. 

Although here is where he wins points: I got this text when I got home

Thank you for being a man. I would totally be his friend......maybe.......well I would go see a movie with him again if I knew I wouldn't laugh or cry in it. 

Now I know to find a guy who I can laugh, cry, and share my Disneyland Nerd love with at the movies and I can move on to find that guy, and one I love talking to over tea. 

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