Friday, June 19, 2015

Under Pressure Umm bah bah bay Umm bah bah bay Ea day da Ea day da

That date I was excited about yeah......

I asked if he wanted to do dinner before hand or after, the Walt Disney barn  is only open 11-3 and he wants to start the date at 1 and well I think I will want the two hours for being a nerd.

Then he informs me that he only does short and sweet dates so that we don't over think it and so he won't make a fool of himself and that kissing sounds like a good after plan......

For realz?

I don't know if you are aware of this but the long great date bar is set high in my world (actually you wouldn't be aware of that but it is)

My ex used to work nights at a hotel so our first date was to grab breakfast and then he was planning to go home and get some sleep before work only he was having such a great time that he decided to skip on the sleeping part.

The coffee date I had four hours of sitting there with two cups of tea he told me he usually went to meditation class but wanted to grab ice cream with me instead.

Now sure it could go the other way.....

but why the time limit? Also I feel like it just adds more pressure to the date with a ticking clock and also the kissing, I don't know what it is but if a guy tells me he wants to kiss me before we meet it just kinda freaks me out.....I mean what if I don't want to kiss him? Then you force me to do the awkward move my head away, and you shouldn't be expecting that to happen.

I think I will still go on the date I mean at this point I only have to spend an hour with him but with the added pressure and his weird rules......

These are the moments I think I am better off single

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