Friday, June 5, 2015

Things being in a relationship doesn't fix...

Being in a relationship doesn’t fix heartache. It doesn’t make you immune to sadness. It doesn’t erase insecurities. It doesn’t make you blind with happiness. It doesn’t take away fears. It doesn’t break old habits. It doesn’t take away from life happening outside the relationship. It doesn’t solve problems.
Being in a relationship provides you with a partner to take on the hard parts of life with. It gives you someone to fight with and fight for. It’s a beautiful thing. It’s beautiful but should never be used as a tool to solve problems.

If those are your reasons for looking for someone you should start to find them on your own. 

I feel like thats what I have been coming across lately and it always takes awhile to find someone worth even talking to....which I think is a good thing. 

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